This week in The Ringing World – 21st June

Coming in this week’s edition of The Ringing World on Friday 21st June:

+ Scion of Perth (WA) ringing family becomes Australia’s new Defence Minister

+ Hertford hangs on to the Ridgman Trophy

+ The Cumberland’s 50th Anniversary Bristol Maximus celebration – by Adam Greenley

+ What ringers offer – one shared commitment with many gifts – by David Grimwood

+ Rising to the Challenge – by Alison Everett, a Central Council Executive Trustee up for re-election

+ The Education Column – What’s special about Bristol Maximus?

+ Obituary for Dorothy Barker – by Stephen Mitchell

+ Dedication of Peal Board and Book at Worcester Cathedral – by Mark Regam

+ Springtime Changes fore Fire Service Guild – by Peter Knight

+ Thought for the Week – by Jenny Holden

+ Remembering the 1944 Soham Train Explosion – by Alan Barber

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