This week in The Ringing World – 28th June

Coming in this week’s edition of The Ringing World on Friday 28th June:

+ Why do ringers lapse? – by Beth Johnson/Alison Smedley

+ National 12 Bell Final Results

+ Update on the Julie McDonnell trial

+ Plans for 75th Anniversary of VE Day in 2020  – by Vicki Chapman

+ Latest information about the Central Council Weekend in London 6-8th September

+ Letters about the Central Council’s progress and a legendary lieutenant

+ John Harrison poses searching questions about Ringing for Public Events

+ July’s Method of the Month:  Frodsham S Major – compiled by David Hull

+ Sussex Ringers visit Tulloch Ringing Centre – by Jeremy Alford

+ Obituary for Basil Jones – by Brian Harris

+ Lilliputters’ Kent weekend – by Simon Edwards

+ Completing the circle  – David Grimwood’s third article on ringing and the church

+ Looking forward to the RWNYC in Liverpool

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