Photo Gallery Competition

Following on from the hugely successful YouTube competition last year, we are now turning our attention to photographs.  The Central Council is often asked by the Media and others for images of bells, bellringing, churches and so on for news articles, magazines and websites.  We currently do not have a library of suitable, contemporary images and so in order to create one we thought what better than to make it a competition!

With that in mind, we are now asking you to submit photographs covering a range of scenes and scenarios for this competition.  Each round will run for 6 weeks to allow you time to go through your images and select the best ones, or even take new ones if you are able to. There will be a prize pot of £50 for the winning entry and two runner up prizes of £25 for each category.  The images will then be made available in a gallery for anyone to access and use, therefore important to follow the guidelines set out below, which accepts that these pictures will be used by others for the benefit of ringing. The Central Council will not profit from the use of submitted images.

Our first category will be “Ringing throughout the Seasons”.  This could include pictures of churches in the snow or during flower festivals, Christmas, Easter, wedding season, the height of summer, whatever springs to mind.  Closing date for entries for this category is  4th July 2021.

To submit a photo, please follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Photos can be uploaded at
  2. Photos must be:
    1. JPG or PNG files
    2. maximum resolution of 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels
    3. maximum image size of 10MB
    4. free of watermarks or other text
    5. accompanied by a caption describing the photo along with the location and year in which it was taken.
    6. You must either be the owner of the photos or have expressed permission of the owner.
    7. You have taken care not to violate the privacy of anyone that can be identified in the photo.
  3. By uploading a photo you agree to release your rights as the owner allowing it to enter the public domain as per Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)  This allows the CC, media or any other organisation to use the photo freely, with appropriate credit to the photographer. We cannot accept any photo to which the owner has not agreed to these terms.
  4. The entries will be moderated and the Central Council reserves the right not to display any entry if it is inappropriate for the contest or doesn’t meet the requirements listed above. Please note this may not be instant as the moderators do have day jobs.
  5. Once moderated, the photos will appear in the Gallery from where they can be downloaded by anyone wishing to use them.
  6. We ask you to be discerning in the number of entries you submit.

After the closing date, the entries in the Gallery will be judged and the winner and runners up notified and awarded their prize, and the next category announced.

Time to get sorting through those photos.  Good luck.

Vicki Chapman
Public Relations Officer

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