NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers’ Day 5th July 2021

The National Health Services (NHS) in the UK was launched on 5th July 1948 providing free healthcare to all. Since early 2020 it has been put to one of its toughest tests throughout its 73-year history. Health and social care and other frontline services across the world worked relentlessly to help tackle this pandemic and to ensure that people were cared for, kept essential services running and supply chains open.

Although this event is UK based, the sentiment can be felt globally and we have the chance to show our gratitude to all health and social care workers and front-line staff with an annual day of thanks, and remembrance of those who lost their lives because of this dreadful disease. The first NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day takes place on Monday 5th July 2021 with a series of events involving every aspect of society and raising money for two excellent causes – NHS Charities Together, which supports 250 hospitals and their charitable trusts, and the National Care Association, representing 1.6 million workers caring for some of society’s frailest citizens. In other parts of the world it would also be a great opportunity to show appreciation and remembrance.

UK Nationwide events will take place throughout the day including:
10:00 am : Raising and Displaying the NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers’ Day Flag and Banner
11:00 am : Two-Minute Silence and Playing of the Last Post and Reveille
1:00 pm : The Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of the NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers
1:00 pm : Street, Garden, Village Parties, And Party At Home
4:00 pm : Afternoon Tea
8:00 pm : Clapping Our Heroes & the ringing of church bells

The ask is for bells to be rung or chimed 73 times, once for every year of the NHS, or you may prefer to ring for several minutes. It’s up to you.

We encourage as many towers to participate as possible. Please check with your incumbent and ensure that any current Covid advice is adhered to. You can register for this event at https://www.nhsfrontlineday.org/programme/clapping-our-heroes-and-the-ringing-of-church-bells/ then afterwards record your ringing on Bellboard at https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/event.php?id=13535

Vicki Chapman
Public Relations Officer

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