Campanologist Marmalade Award

The 2022 Marmalade Competition, organised by Dalemain, is now open and ringers from all over the world are encouraged to enter the Marmalade Awards Campanologists’ category (other categories are available, and you may enter more than one category).

The competition is open from 4th January to 11th February 2022, with a Festival and awards ceremony planned for 14thMay 2022

The Homemade Awards can be entered by anyone, and there are categories from Children’s Marmalade to Merry (with alcohol), Campanologists, Any Citrus and many more, ensuring that no matter what kind of marmalade you make, there is a place for you! The full homemade entry fee goes towards supporting Hospice care, both in the UK and around the world.

Further details, the entry form and instructions are available at  or email .

Campanologist’s Marmalade is one of 15 homemade categories: “The bells are ringing out for Marmalade! Every year bell-ringers around the world ring a ‘peel’ to celebrate the Marmalade Awards and this is their special category! Does bell-ringing improve your marmalade-making skills? ‘Chime’ in with your best marmalade or ‘ring the changes’ with something different, while letting us know how long you’ve been bell-ringing.”

Recent Campanologist’s Category winners were Norman Castle, Harrogate (2021), Ann Silk, Worcestershire (2020), and Angela Hickman, Devon (2019).

Norman has entered the competition several times and offers these useful tips for success:


  • Use a clear glass jar with no old labels or embossing and a blank lid.
  • ​Polish your jar to remove any residue or fingerprints before packing very well for posting.

The marmalade:

  • ​Use your favourite recipe.
  • ​Separate as much pith from the rind as possible.
  • ​Ensure that the rind is all of uniform thickness and length and is distributed evenly ​throughout the marmalade.
  • ​Fill the jar right to the brim.

Regardless of whether you win an award, Dalemain send you their judges’ comments.

Don’t take it too seriously – it’s a bit of fun!

We’re hoping to be able to do some publicity and recruitment at the Festival as there’s definitely an opportunity there.  Perhaps a certain Bear from Darkest Peru might be tempted to the end of a rope!

Good luck.


Vicki Chapman
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Public Relations Officer

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