Workgroup Update – Stewardship & Management Workgroup

We are continuing our major programmes of work to update and expand guidance and advice offered on running towers, the upkeep of bell installations, and planning and managing major bell related projects. We are intending that these will be available from the CCCBR website exploiting a web based format, as these will be more user friendly than downloadable standalone documents that are available now, have potential to include videos and other interactive media, and be more readily updated than printed versions. We are hoping that the first sections will be made available later in 2022 – look out for further information. Print editions may follow once the set is completed. (For comparison consider “Dove” which is now available on line and is updated frequently. Print editions are produced and sold occasionally, but these inevitably risk becoming out of date, some key information very quickly, and obviously cannot include videos, for example.)

Another major piece of work on tower movement has also reached an important new phase during 2021. Some background information and a brief update is being published separately and can be download here.

In the background, we continue to respond to enquiries from ringers, churches, church neighbours, and others. Increasingly, we encourage questions, comments and matters of interest to be raised via “Ringing Forums , as most of these are likely to be of wider interest. The Workgroup is also planning various sessions as part of the ART Conference weekend (Sunday 8th May 2022) and at the Central Council weekend (3rd – 4th September 2022).

As may be appreciated, our various activities keep members and supporters of the Workgroup very busy. We are therefore looking for more people to support specific activities as is indicated on the CCCBR website here: Anyone interested should contact the Workgroup Leader in the first instance. We are willing to be flexible in the scope of the activities undertaken if individuals are willing to contribute. As well as Workgroup Members, we work with several “specialists” who provide specific advice of relevance to the Workgroup rather than as full members. The scope of the Workgroup’s activities are shown on the CCCBR website here: If you feel that you have specialist knowledge that may be of assistance to us, then please let me know.

I also note here that Workgroup Leaders are appointed for no longer than 6 years so I am looking for someone to be my deputy for a couple of years with a view to handing over to them at the latest by mid 2024. I have to note that the diversity of the Group could be improved!


Alison Hodge
Stewardship & Management Workgroup Lead
February 2022

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