2022 Roadshow – website live

The website for the CCCBR 2022 Roadshow in Nottingham on Sunday 4th September is now live https://roadshow.cccbr.org.uk/  This is the day after the meeting of the Central Council and forms part of the overall weekend.

The Roadshow will be a similar format to that held at Goldsmiths in London three years ago, but also learning from that experience, for instance by having fewer talks and presentations with less overlap.

We are grateful to all the speakers and exhibitors who are supporting the event. There will be plenty to see, learn from and enjoy, as well as a great opportunity to network with Workgroups and ringing friends. Also, although it was not a direct result of feedback from the Goldsmiths event, the addition of a beer tent should help make things go smoothly.

There is plenty of parking at the venue, the Clifton Campus of Nottingham Trent University, as well as the campus being well served by public transport, so the organising team is looking forward to making this a great gathering of ringers and friends.




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