Westley Award for Church Bell Maintenance – 2023


The Stewardship and Management Workgroup is pleased to announce that the Westley Group has kindly agreed to sponsor this award again this year.

The importance of monitoring the condition of bells, bellframes, ropes and all other fittings can hardly be understated. Neither can the value we place on those who undertake regular checks and maintenance, and often do a great deal more. It is this steeple-keeping which the award recognises and applauds.

As in previous years, we invite nominations that tell us about the people who ‘go the extra mile’. The judges will, as usual, be looking for evidence of the benefits delivered, the nominee’s approach to learning and improving their skills, and the scope of projects undertaken during recent years. Credit has always been given where there is evidence that the individuals concerned have given time and effort to passing on their knowledge to others. In so doing, they help to ensure that the next generation will follow in their footsteps. The judges will be giving greater emphasis to this aspect this year.

We are hugely grateful to the ‘old timers’ who have been doing this for years, but the award has always sought to encourage the relative newcomers. Where previously we have asked for evidence of work undertaken in the past five years, this year the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic will be recognised by extending the period to seven years. We therefore invite applications which name those steeple-keeping heroes who have started since the beginning of 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of the Westley Group, a prize of £100, together with a certificate, will be awarded to the best entry. ‘Highly Commended’ certificates will also be awarded where the judges find that these are warranted.

The Award

The award will be made to a person who has engaged in supporting maintenance and improvement of tower bell installations for the first time in the last 7 years and shows the most commitment to developing and using their own skills and developing such skills in others. Activities may be in towers and elsewhere, for example advice, videos, demonstrations, preparation and presentation of training materials, etc.


Nominations may be made for yourself or for someone else. Female nominees and younger people are particularly encouraged to apply! Those who applied in previous years may enter again. People who are or have been employed by a professional bell foundry, bell hanger or similar organisation are NOT eligible for an award.

The closing date for nominations will be noon Saturday 27th May 2023. Applications, on the form provided, will be reviewed during June and the winner announced in July.

Please note that the judges may wish to contact the applicants to ask for clarification of points in the application.


Westley Group will award the winner £100 and a certificate. The judges may also commend other applicants and present a certificate to them.


The judging panel will be drawn from members of the CCCBR Stewardship & Management Workgroup, independent members and previous winners or runners up. The judges’ decisions will be final.

The judging criteria will be:

  • Benefits of the work undertaken by the nominee;
  • Nominee’s approach to learning about tower bell maintenance and improvement;
  • Nominee’s support for others not previously involved in maintenance and improvement;
  • Scale and scope of activities undertaken in the last 7 years (The number and cost of projects are not primary criteria).

Please return the Application form to  by noon on Saturday 27th May 2023.The application form and guidance can be downloaded here:

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