Tower – Minimus to Minor

(Performances shown in italics have been superseded)


10080(11 m)Denstone, All Saints13-03-1992RW1992-0573


12600(4 m)Marston, Oxon07-04-1958RW1958-0249
12720(7 m)Loughborough, Bellfoundry13-11-1965RW1965-0805
15000(10 m)Eardisley, St Mary Magdalene11-08-1974RW1974-0792
10080(Methods unknown)Whaplode, St Mary27-02-1775

Doubles and Minor

10500(14 m)Chirk, St Mary12-07-2019RW2019-0750


10080(14 m)Eardisley, All Saints02-04-1815
15120(21 m)Wath-on-Dearne, All Saints27-02-1816
18000(25 m)Stisted, All Saints16-11-1957
21600Bob (30 m)Wistow, St Wistan08-04-2000RW2000-0643
12240Delight (17 m)Ston Easton, St Mary11-09-1999RW1999-1039
10800Surprise (15 m)Rotherham, All Saints01-01-1931RW1931-0038
15120Surprise (21 m)Huntington, All Saints17-12-1983RW1984-0077
18720Surprise (26 m)Marston Bigot, St Leonard05-10-1991RW1991-1180
30240Surprise (41 m)Ston Easton, St Mary18-05-1996RW1996-0879
10080Treble Bob (14 m)Edwalton, The Holy Rood29-03-2003RW2003-0395

Spliced Minor

20160Spliced Treble Dodging (147 m)Birmingham, St Paul20-11-2010RW2011-0061
21600Spliced Treble Dodging (60 m)Loughborough, Bellfoundry28-12-1963RW1964-0028
23040Spliced Treble Dodging (80 m)Wistow, St Wistan04-10-2003RW2003-1070
25200Spliced Treble Dodging (210 m)Ston Easton, Blessed Virgin Mary21-12-2019
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