Recruitment and Retention

The Volunteer and Leadership Group (V&L) and ART understand that successful recruitment and retention of new ringers is essential. In order to achieve success, we need to plan for both recruitment and retention simultaneously. Will you retain the new ringer(s) you have just recruited? How can you keep them motivated? How will you integrate them into your existing band and keep everyone happy? How can you keep positive ideas and energy flowing?

With so many balls to juggle, practices to lead and the next generation of ringers to find and teach, a Tower Captain’s life is not easy.

The Recruitment & Retention side of the V&L team in partnership with ART are happy to announce a workshop designed around recruiting strategies and retention objectives.

Folks are here ready to help.

Whilst we can’t drag people in off the streets for you, we can help with a ‘ready to go’ workshop full of thought provoking ideas on ways to recruit and fun ideas on retaining these good people without imprisoning them in the tower.

This workshop can be delivered/presented by an ART workshop leader to your band, district or guild.


because we understand that this is not always preferable, there is a DIY option available. However, to keep the quality and content of this presentation at the highest standard we recommend that a good presenter should be sought. They will by no means be on their own as we can talk through the workshop and any presentation concerns they may have including a good cake recipe because we all know how ringers love their teas.

Click on the link, take a look and see if we can be of help.

The resources available here have also been designed to help you.

  • Publicity materials – including downloadable templates for you to adapt for your own use, and also flags and banners that can be borrowed for high-profile events.
  • Recruitment and Retention Workshop Resources Pack – including the presentation and notes, and organisers’ and facilitators’ guides, so that you can run your own workshop to plan recruitment and retention in your area.

The Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) website also has excellent resources:


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