The Learning Curve

Between 1999 and 2007 the Education committee provided a series of regular articles on teaching and learning that were published in The Ringing World on the first Friday of each month. Most of these articles were written by John Harrison, then chairman of the committee.

The collected articles are available in book form from the Central Council Publications Shop:

The Learning Curve, Volume 1: 1999-2001
The Learning Curve, Volume 2: 2002-2003
The Learning Curve, Volume 3: 2004-2005
The Learning Curve, Volume 4: 2006-2007

1-01June 1999Welcome to The Learning Curve & Raising and lowering in peal – from scratch
1-02July 1999Good striking and rhythmic ringing
1-03August 1999It’s all double Dutch
1-04September 1999Small steps
1-05October 1999Guided by the Treble
1-06November 1999Something for everyone
1-07December 1999Thinking about bellhandling
1-08January 2000Principles
1-09February 2000Turning in the Tenor
1-10March 2000Small is beautiful
1-11April 2000Over the top
1-12May 2000Something a little different
1-13June 2000Feeling the bell
1-14July 2000Double handed ringing
1-15September 2000Learning methods
1-16October 2000Call changes
1-17November 2000Back seat drivers
1-18December 2000Knowing where you are
1-19January 2001Doing it with style
1-20February 2001Ringing methods in hand – 1
1-21March 2001Ringing methods in hand – 2 and 3
1-22April 2001Ringing methods in hand – 4
1-23May 2001Older learners
1-24June 2001Setting the pace
1-25July 2001Learning the ropes
1-26August 2001Old learners or ageless problems?
1-27September 2001To move or not to move?
1-28October 2001Ringers and musicians
1-29November 2001Fighting the bell
1-30December 2001Collapsing touches
2-01January 2002Hands and arms
2-02February 2002Intermediate methods
2-03March 2002Why learn Grandsire?
2-04April 2002Observation
2-05May 2002Does size matter?
2-06June 2002Visualising methods
2-07July 2002Chiming
2-08August 2002Coils and things
2-09September 2002More about coils
2-10October 2002Music to the ears
2-11November 2002Go …
2-12December 2002Muscle memory and flying
2-13January 2003The long and short of it
2-14February 2003Go … again
2-15March 2003Leading
2-16April 2003Mother of invention
2-17May 2003Speed
2-18June 2003From the same hymn sheet
2-19July 2003Motor learning
2-20August 2003More hymn sheets
2-21September 2003Perfection versus holism
2-22October 2003Simulators
2-23November 2003More invention
2-24December 2003It depends how you look at it
3-01January 2004Conducting and coursing order – 1
3-02February 2004Conducting and coursing order – 2
3-03March 2004When things go wrong
3-04April 2004Place notation
3-05May 2004Steady as she goes
3-06June 2004Minimus is good for you
3-07July 2004Something original
3-08August 2004What if …?
3-09September 2004How fast should we go?
3-10October 2004Beyond the blue line
3-11November 2004Know your instrument – 1
3-12December 2004All roads lead to Rome
3-13January 2005Know your instrument – 2
3-14February 2005Ringing and numbers
3-15March 2005Once more with feeling
3-16April 2005Knowing and doing
3-17May 2005Fitting together
3-18June 2005Taking the lead
3-19July 2005Listen to the music
3-20August 2005Grids
3-21September 2005Bob Doubles – The Holy Grail?
3-22October 2005Helpful bits of structure
3-23November 2005I got rhythm
3-24December 2005Is there another way?
4-01January 2006Conduct Grandsire Doubles – 1
4-02February 2006Conduct Grandsire Doubles – 2
4-03March 2006Know your instrument – 3
4-04April 2006Learning all eleven
4-05May 2006Quarters are good for you
4-06June 2006More helpful structure
4-07July 2006Judging
4-08August 2006Eyes down for a full house
4-09September 2006Viewed from the treble
4-10October 2006Double Oxford
4-11November 2006Calling quarter peals
4-12December 2006Learning to hunt
4-13January 2007Ears to hear
4-14February 2007Singles in Stedman Doubles
4-15March 2007Yorkshire on higher numbers
4-16April 2007Double Norwich
4-17May 2007Up and down
4-18June 2007Pieces of eight?
4-19July 2007Rope movement
4-20August 2007Ropesight
4-21September 2007Knowing your place
4-22October 2007Getting it together
4-23November 2007More or less?
4-24December 2007Keep on learning