YellowYoYo branding project

The YellowYoYo branding project is one part of Ringing 2030.

This project is In Progress.

That means that work has already started, and we have a good idea of when it will be completed.

What is this project?

It is the first step towards our aim raise awareness of the art of bellringing and promote it as a social and voluntary activity. This work will also help us drive new recruits to us with better targeted marketing initiatives.

The first phase was to research and create a ringing brand, and outline the next steps for implementing that.  This phase is complete and you can read the results in Bellringing – Future Vision.

(if you would like this is a more accessible format, please ask using the Contact Form)

After the first phase, which was about creating the ringing ‘brand’, completed in August 2023, we are now in the initial deliverable phase, which will give us branding assets and guidelines so that we can create effective marketing and recruitment campaigns.   These will be assets that can be used by ringers, towers or associations in their own marketing efforts, as well as any centrally managed marketing efforts.

How does it contribute to Ringing 2030?

  • It gives us the ability to give a consistent message about ringing to people who are not yet ringers.
  • It will give us tools to raise awareness of bellringing in the wider population
  • It will inform a new website dedicated to recruitment

Who is this for?

  • The target audience for this work is people who are not already bellringers.  This is entirely outward-facing at this stage.
  • Target users of this work is anyone who is doing recruiting and promotion, which is everyone.

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