26th June 2017

Central Council Reform

Taking forward CCCBR reform

Much has been happening in the background since the Central Council meeting in Edinburgh, and I want to take this opportunity to share an update on recent progress. Thank you to those who have provided feedback, comments and advice.

There is so much to be done following the momentous votes (and I don’t mean the national election). The main CRAG report and its various appendices go a long way to setting the agenda, and many people are working hard to follow through on the motions passed so emphatically in May.


At the moment, our main focus is on Recommendations A to I (pp 16 – 19 in the main report), and also the following appendices:

  • Appendix K – Governance
  • Appendix M – Proposed workgroup mapping
  • Appendix Q – Timelines

Specifically, these are items for speedy action:

  1. Agree the Vision / Mission / Strategy (Recommendation A)
  2. Think about / agree the “Executive” (Recommendation B)
  3. Think about / agree the realignment of Committees into Workgroups (Recommendation C)
  4. Set up a team to develop and deliver the direct communications channel (Recommendation E)
  5. Set up a rule-change group (the constitution piece) – with a high-calibre leader and multi-skilled team (Recommendation F)
  6. Set up a decision revision group (“…permissive descriptive framework for ringing”) – with a high-calibre leader and top notch team (Recommendation H)

It is now time for me to invite expressions of interest for various roles (Executive, Workgroup leads, rule-change group, decision-revision group). Please note these can be any ringer at all – not just members of Council. Key attributes for nominees include:

  • A passion for ringing
  • Relevant skill set for the nominated role (qualifications, knowledge, experience)
  • Sufficient time available to give to the nominated role
  • Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, tact, active listening)
  • Tenacity and perseverance

To nominate, please complete this online form:


The form will ask you to provide some basic contact and demographic information, some information regarding qualifications, skills and experience, and a supporting statement.

Closing date for nominations is Friday 14th July.

Remember – the reason we’re implementing these changes is to secure a bright future for ringing. Key areas of focus for me over these three years include:

  • The need to recruit and develop new learners and new leaders
  • The need to engage maturely with church and community leaders
  • The need to raise positive public awareness of our art

The votes in Edinburgh have thrown down a great challenge for us, but also a great opportunity. I look forward to working with you as we reform and renew – for the future of ringing.

Every best wish,

Christopher O’Mahony
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

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