Young Ringers – Universities and Colleges

  1. CC Strategic Priorities include:  
    University Workgroup to look at strategies for preventing loss of ringers at the point of going to University. Relationships with Students Unions for funding, etc 

    University Workgroup to establish links with universities at current undergraduate level, and with broader groupings such as the NUA and SUA. Must comprise members currently active in universities.
  1. Universities and Colleges (UC) Workgroup is now being formed. The lead is being taken by Ian Roulstone and further details can be obtained from Ian via  — we are looking for volunteers to help promote UC ringing activities!
  2. Formation of the Group is underway, and an immediate goal is to recruit members from university societies and individuals who are either destined to become students in the near future or from those who have played leading roles in UC ringing in recent years. We are very grateful for contributions to date from Imogen Brooke, Jacqueline Brown, Naomi Calvert and Emily Hall.
  3. Inclusivity: note that the Group is called Universities and Colleges — it is not focussing solely on universities — and it is international!
  1. is a valuable resource established by Jacqui Brown and the UC Group will work with Jacqui to promote UC ringing via various social media channels. 
  2. Connectivity with the RWNYC: preliminary discussions have been held with David Hull and Linda Garton about the benefits and feasibility of raising the profile of UC ringing via the Youth Contest. The Group’s activities should be represented at the RWNYC 2021.
  3. Connectivity with ART: while teaching will be difficult in the coming year, the promotion of ringing as a performing art should enhance its appeal to potential recruits. The ART Award for UC ringing has met with success and the CC sponsorship has been put to very good use. However, only five UC societies have ever entered and this raises the warning flag about the importance (and challenges) of having critical masses of activity.
  4. The “Challenge of 2020”: the coming academic year is going to be tough for all UC societies and, in terms of ringing, access to tower bells will be limited. We are looking at ways to promote ringing through handbells during the coming year, in collaboration with ART. See Ringing handbells at university for additional resources.
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