Revised CC Rules – Consultation Closes 12th January

The second draft of the Central Council’s revised rules (its constitution) were published for consultation on 15th December.

The revised rules draw on the Council’s many strengths whilst incorporating the recommendations for reform agreed at the Council’s Edinburgh meeting.

Whether you’re an existing Council member or would like to contribute to its work in future, please take a look (if you haven’t already done so) at the revised rules and supporting articles on the Council’s Rules Work pages at  and register your feedback by completing the short survey.

In February the focus will shift from drafting to the practical work of preparing to move to the new constitution with effect from the Council’s next meeting at Lancaster.  This will involve the efforts of the Council’s existing officers and committees as well as the members of the new Executive and Workgroups which have been formed as a consequence of the decisions taken in 2017.

The greater the number who study the new rules, the more certain can we be that they will indeed deliver on the reforms agreed at Edinburgh and achieve our aim to create an organisation fit for the challenges of the 21st Century, so please don’t delay !  Let us have your feedback by the closing date for the consultation on Friday 12th January:

  1. For brief comments, just use the “Review the Second Draft” button on the Central Council’s Rules Work page at
  2. Otherwise, please email

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